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By | February 13, 2023

Mix and create your amazing audio tracks with amazing effects or vibrant songs with fun customizations using the AudioLab app. 📂🔔. Apps and Games can be downloaded from our website and we offer all versions. Join us 📂🔔📂🔔 as we explore and have fun.💱📂🔔

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“audiolab” a “Music & Audio” app, is created by HitroLab – Best Audio Editor & Ringtone Maker App,💱📂 which is a company creates many Music & Audio-apps.

HitroLab – Best Audio Editor & Ringtone Maker App
54 MB
MOD Features
Pro Unlocked



For those of you who’re in need of a fully-featured tool to work on any of your audio files, you can always trust in AudioLab, as the awesome mobile application has all it takes to completely change your audio worlds. Here, you can access to many of its interesting features, which will make it totally possible for Android users to edit their audio files and songs in any possible ways.
Feel free to explore the awesome mobile application and make full uses of its features to bring certain changes to your devices’ audio collection. Have fun recording songs like a professional by effectively utilize the record features in the app. Attempt to mix and create your awesome pieces of audio with incredible effects or exciting songs with interesting customizations. All will be available in this awesome mobile application of AudioLab.
Find out more about the interesting mobile app with our complete reviews of AudioLab.

What does 🎷⏫ it do? 🧕🦒

What does 🎷⏫ it do? 🧕🦒 - audiolab
Right off the bat, you can easily access the in-app features of AudioLab and make uses of it to edit any selected audio files on your mobile devices. The fully-featured application comes with a variety of different editing options for you to freely select, which ranging from physically changing the audio tracks with trimming, cropping, or muting, to adding certain audio effects. As a result, you can easily customize the mobile application and enjoy your unlocked audio experiences.
In addition, for those of you who’re interested in recording and making your own pieces of music on the go, this awesome mobile application from AudioLab will certainly come in handy, as it allows you to effectively record your singing or other audio experiences with ease. Also, feel free to take advantages of the useful noise canceling feature to effectively capture your pure singing or audio effects. You will find the recording options in AudioLab rival even the best of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio and other great mobile recording apps.
AudioLab screen

🎵 Requirements 🥜🥟

🎵 Requirements 🥜🥟 - audiolab
For those of you who’re interested in the exciting mobile application of AudioLab, you can easily enjoy the free version of the app, which is always available on the Google Play Store. Here, users can make uses of many interesting features from the app without having to pay anything. However, since this is a freemium application, there will be certain in-app purchases and unlockable that you’ll need to pay for, which isn’t always the options for many Android users.
In addition, to further enjoy the exciting mobile app on your Android devices, all you need is a working phone or tablet that’s running firmware version 5.0 or above. And at the same time, make sure to provide all the important permissions to enable the fully functioning mobile app on your devices. And most importantly, the microphone and storage permission will be crucial when utilizing the mobile app. So make sure that you don’t forget them.

Awesome features 🐠🌿

Awesome features 🐠🌿 - audiolab
Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

🏖👩 Complete support for 🔆🗻 all audio file formats

To start with, you can immediately enjoy the awesome mobile app with its complete support for all file formats. As a result, you’ll find it extremely easy to edit your audio files of mp3, wav, flac, m4a, and many other formats. Have fun playing with the in-app features and functions, which are all available on any of your selected files.

AudioLab screen

Have fun mixing and playing 🃏🔵 with audio 📎🛏

For those of you who’re interested, you can have fun mixing and playing with the Audio Mixer in AudioLab, which will enable multiple audio experiences on any of your selected files. Feel free to make uses of multiple effects, such as Echo, Reverb, Whoosh, and many others to give your tracks a boost in quality and experiences. Have fun playing with the speed of the playback audio files to further improve its experiences or customize the audio to the very details. And most importantly, you can easily preview your edited options before making your final decisions, which would make the editing jobs a lot more comfortable.

✨ Simple and effective audio merger 🐲📅

And if you wish to merge the audio files, it’s totally possible to combine, not one or two, but multiple selected tracks together using the audio merger. Feel free to make uses of the build-in feature as you comfortably adjust the merging of different file formats and customize the merging orders, however you wanted. This will allow you to effectively combine different audio files in your own preferences.

🚨 Easily make changes to your song tags 💄🏖

To further improve your music and audio experiences, the app also offers the useful Tag Editor, which will make it totally possible to correct wrong tags on your selected songs or audio files. These include the artist names, albums, song types, and more. All of which can be easily edited, allowing them to be properly organized in certain orders.

Have fun converting your audio files into 🙆💕 any selected formats 🐾🆙

For those of you who’re interested, you can now make full uses of the awesome mobile application to convert any of your audio files into certain formats. Pick up files from MP3, WAV, AAC, MP4, FLAC, and many other format to easily convert them into the supported platforms in AudioLab. Here, you can also change the Bit Rate, Sample, and audio channel, thus completely transform the audio files, not just change its file names.

🛏 Fully customize the audio experiences with the Equalizer 🔙🤓

With different audio settings, your selected pieces of music can sound completely different from how they originally do. Which is why it might be a good idea for mobile users to enjoy the fully-featured equalizer in AudioLab. Here, you can make uses of the 18-band equalizer in AudioLab, which would offer the complete audio experiences for you to fully enjoy.

🧝🥍 Record audio in 🕒🕚 the highest quality possible

For those of you who’re interested in the recording experiences, AudioLab will offer its simple yet extremely powerful tool for recording the finest pieces of audio on your mobile devices. Feel free to make sues of the audio recorder and make uses of its useful features to give your final records the suited quality and clarity. Customize the desired Source, Channel, Sample rate, file format, to better suit your preferences. And turn on the powerful tool of Noise Suppressor, Audio Gain, and Skip Silence, which will allow you to enjoy the most immersive audio experiences.

AudioLab screen

🛤 Have fun splitting audio files and play with the reverse effect 🔄🍚

If you need to split your audio files into certain parts, AudioLab offers its powerful tools of reverse, which will allow you to instantly preview your audio files. Feel free to select the parts that you wish to split and attempt to change your audio files as you wish.

🌹🎹 Enjoy your impressive text to 🤰🛏 speech experiences

Moreover, the Text to Speech feature is what you won’t always find on any other devices, as it allows you to comfortably convert text files into more intuitive audio experiences. This is extremely helpful if you wish to turn any documents into audio files. And most of the time, you’ll find the audio experiences a lot more engaging and immersive, especially for information-packed documents that require your complete attention.

🍷👪 A 🌿🙍 simple device codec detection

For those of you who’re in need of a codec tool, the available codec detector in AudioLab can easily scan your devices and detect whichever encoders or decoders are available on your devices. All of which shall be used in later editing options.

➡🤒 Have fun playing with your voices using the Ⓜ🚣 Voice Changer

To make the exciting mobile application of AudioLab a lot more interesting, you can further customize the audio experiences on your songs, which will offer various vocal adjustments and voice changes. Have fun playing with the interesting Helium, Drunk, Chipmunk, and many other interesting effects. All of which will allow you to easily customize your audio experiences.

🚦🎢 Enjoy singing 🍍😈 your favorite songs with Karaoke effects

For those of you who’re interested, you can attempt to create your own awesome Karaoke tracks for your own interest. Feel free to make uses of the app to get rid of the vocal, leaving you with a clean track for easy Karaoke experiences. Use it on any selected songs to get your Karaoke songs ready to enjoy.

⛪👼 Simple video editing 🚒🔊 experiences

Also, if you need to quickly edit your videos, AudioLab also offers the simple editing options like trimming and adding, all of which will be available on any of your selected video files. And at the same time, it’s totally possible to add audio to your videos, which will make the footages livelier. And have fun turning your videos into GIF files.

Easily convert videos into 🚠🌞 audio-only files 💟🦁

And if you wish to turn any videos into audio-only files, AudioLab will assist you with the tasks. Using the Video to Audio converter in AudioLab, you can effectively extract certain parts of the videos or the entire files to easily turn them into audio files. Thus, allowing you to further enjoy the music or pure audio experiences.

🔎 Enjoy the unlocked app on our website ☕🖱

And last but not least, while the paid app on the Google Play Store might not be an option for many mobile users, you can always go for the modified version of the game, which is always available on your mobile devices. Here, you can enjoy the fully unlocked mobile application with all of its impressive features. All it takes is for you to download the AudioLab Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Final verdicts 👟🔳

Final verdicts 👟🔳 - audiolab
For editing and utilizing your audio files, Android users can find themselves completely engaged in the exciting application of AudioLab. Here, the awesome mobile app offers a variety of different uses and features, which will make the editing job a lot easier and more comfortable. And most importantly, thanks to the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you’ll find it a lot more fun and engaging.

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