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By | February 1, 2023

WaveEditor Audio Recorder is essentially a mobile recording app, which you can make uses of to create professional records of any sounds. 👮💿. Apps and Games can be downloaded from our website and we offer all versions. Join us 👮💿👮💿 as we explore and have fun.👝👮💿

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“wave editor” a “Music & Audio” app, is created by Sound-Base Audio, LLC,👝👮 which is a company creates many Music & Audio-apps.

Sound-Base Audio, LLC
6 MB
MOD Features
Pro features Unlocked



For those of you who’re in need of a mobile app that can assist you in recording tasks, you’ll certainly find this awesome app from Sound-Base Audio interesting. Now, you’ll be able to make your perfect records of phone calls, your singings, important conversations, or any interesting sounds that you discover around you. Just open the app and you can have access to tons of useful recording options.
On top of that, for those of you who’re interested, you can now make your simple edits of the recorded tracks right inside the app with its built-in editor. Hence, it’s totally possible for you to make your records then edit them easily using the provided features in WaveEditor. With intuitive and useful options, you’ll find it extremely comfortable and effective when working with the app.
Find out more about this interesting mobile app from Sound-Base Audio with our complete reviews.

🏢 What does it do? 🎨💠

🏢 What does it do? 🎨💠 - wave editor
To begin with, WaveEditor Audio Recorder & Editor is essentially a mobile recording app, which you can make uses of to create professional records of any sounds, using the built-in mic on your devices or any connected microphone. With the app, you can enjoy much better record quality thanks to many of its advanced and useful features. Always find your recorded sounds a lot clearer, smoother, and more truthful.
And at the same time, the app also offers its built-in sound editor, which allows Android users to effectively edit any of their recorded sounds and even audio files from other sources. Just load them up inside your editor interface and make uses of the intuitive options to get you through the comfortable editing jobs.
But most importantly, with tons of recording and editing features, the app will offer drastic improvements in your recording quality. Hence, you can utilize its features to turn any bad records into much better audio experiences.

⬆🌂 Requirements

⬆🌂 Requirements - wave editor
To start using the app, you’ll only need a working Android device that’s running Android 4.3 and above. In addition, to improve the overall recording quality, it’s important for you to use a decent device with high-quality built-in mic. Or alternatively, you can also make uses of the external microphone to improve the sound quality in each of your records. Nonetheless, with just a minimum setup, you can get started whenever you can.

👹 Awesome features 🐙💇

👹 Awesome features 🐙💇 - wave editor
Multi-Track mixing and editing

😲 Great compatibility with common sound formats 🕘😏

To start with, Android users in WaveEditor can find themselves enjoying the comfortable editing experiences with dozens of supported formats for your audio files. Here, you can make your simple audio records with the two common file formats of WAV or MP3.
And when it comes to the supported import formats, your choices of audio files are greatly improved with dozens of file formats of 3GP, AAC, AIF, ALAC, AMR, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP3, RAW, WAV, and many more. This allows users to fully utilize the available features in the app as well as your huge collection of sounds and audio effects. Also, the app does support audio format conversion, so you can easily switch your file formats whenever you need.
For exporting your edited files, WaveEditor will feature some of the most common audio files, which you can find compatible with any of the existing audio apps.

🆓🥡 Import your records 🔦🚃 or any audio files

And to enable better experiences with their recorded or imported audio files, Android users in WaveEditor are also allowed to easily record audio using your devices’ built-in mic. Or alternatively, for better audio quality, the USB microphone support will allow you to make great edits with high-quality audio. And most importantly, to improve your overall experiences with the app, all your recorded audio will be automatically saved, in the case of accidental app shutdowns.
For those of you who’re interested, you can easily import any audio files inside your devices, using the intuitive built-in file browse app. Feel free to load up your audio files while staying in the app, or make uses of any external file browsers to look for your specific files.

📏 Intuitive interfaces with accessible display and options 🎁🔣

For those of you who’re interested, you can make full uses of the intuitive interface in WaveEditor and easily access all of its available features. To start with, users will have access to the intuitive visual tools of FFT, oscilloscope, and spectrogram, which will make your audio files a lot more accessible. Thus, allowing users to make simple and effective edits of their records.
In addition, with the waveform colors from WaveEditor, Android users can expect better stereo visualizations on their audio files. Along with the amplitude meter, you’ll find it relatively easy to have any of your recorded sounds properly edited.
Also, the compact view settings, which were also optimized for devices with varied screen sizes, and the 32-bit floating-point signal processing will prove to be extremely helpful when working with the features in the app.

And to make the app a lot more interesting, Android users in WaveEditor will find themselves having access to the full-featured audio editor app with dozens of available features and hundreds of editing materials for you to make uses of.
Feel free to explore both the standalone recorder and audio editor experiences in a single app of WaveEditor. Enjoy single sample editing or experience professional-like works with multiple audio effects. Make uses of the simple and intuitive editing options of zooming, panning, and many selection functions to help you navigate through the app.
Explore the multi-channel audio editing interface with varied audio channels for you to add to your mix. Move your selected channels or add new ones with new effects. Make uses of the macro processes like fading, reversing, and inverting to improve the overall audio experiences with each record.

😔💚 Useful recorder widget on your home 🔇💭 screen

For those of you who’re interested, you can also enjoy the intuitive and accessible recorder widget on your home screen. Feel free to enjoy the useful widget as you comfortably record any sounds without having to access the in-app interfaces. Also, you can also make uses of the auto pitch tune effect to make any of your quick records sounding as natural as it can be.

Free to 🍰🎽 use ✔🤖

And despite all the exciting features that you can make uses of, the app still offers completely free pricing for you to enjoy. All you need to do is to pick up the free version of the app on the Google Play Store, no payment is required.

🐋🛑 Have fun with our modified 🎲⛹ app

However, since it’s still a freemium app, ads and in-game purchases will likely to bother you. So if you wish to enjoy the full version of WaveEditor without having to pay for the in-app purchases, it’s also possible for Android users to download our modified version of the game. Just look for the WaveEditor Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you should have it properly installed on your mobile devices. Feel free to enjoy the fullest audio recording and editing experiences with the app whenever you want.

Final verdicts 😽🥈

Final verdicts 😽🥈 - wave editor
For quick and effective audio recording applications, you wouldn’t find a better choice than WaveEditor. With intuitive and effective features, the app will let you enjoy awesome audio quality with your simple records. And most importantly, thanks to the built-in editor, you can now make convenient adjustments to your audio outputs with the app. Feel free to pick it up for free and have it fully-unlocked with our mod whenever you want.

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