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By | January 1, 2023

Legacy Unlocker for Yatse allows us to move through the menus without problems. You can write what is necessary with an on-screen keyboard. 🎍🏣. Apps and Games can be downloaded from our website and we offer all versions. Join us 🎍🏣🎍🏣 as we explore and have fun.🍼🎍🏣

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“legacy unlocker for yatse” a “Video Players & Editors” app, is created by Tolriq,🍼🎍 which is a company creates many Video Players & Editors-apps.

MOD Features
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Legacy Unlocker for Yatse

On Android TV Boxes for sale, there are remote controls that leave something to be desired for accuracy. Fortunately, we can use valid alternatives to control the TV Box and the Kodi media center via Wi-Fi. The Legacy Unlocker for Yatse app is one of the most spectacular apps ever seen in the Google Play Store to remote control Kodi.
As we mention in the other topics, one of the most significant negative aspects of software remote controls is an inconvenience. Turn on the mobile phone/tablet, unlock the screen, maybe enter the password, and call up the app.
All just because that scene with the volume explosion is too loud, and you have to turn the volume down a bit. Fortunately, The Legacy Unlocker for Yatse app has a solution that bypasses most of the problems. When it’s in the foreground, it can avoid the system lock screen. Is it not good enough? How about a lovely bunch of widgets to place wherever you want with the lock screen included?
Let’s see how to use the Legacy Unlocker for Yatse app as a remote control for Kodi on TV Box.

General Information 👓👷

General Information 👓👷 - legacy unlocker for yatse
One of the most common applications of the Raspberry Pi is as a media center. And the most popular option is usually XBMC. However, Android has an essential function if we use Raspberry Pi as a multimedia center with XBMC.
And with Android, whether tablet or mobile, we can remotely control our Raspberry Pi and make life much more comfortable. Legacy Unlocker for Yatse is the best application for it.
Among the Android applications to control XBMC, we prefer Legacy Unlocker for Yatse. It is effortless, fast, and flexible. Any operation we want to do will be in the palm of our hand with no wireless mouse and keyboard.
Legacy Unlocker for Yatse allows us to move through the menus without problems. You can write what is necessary with an on-screen keyboard. And above all, it keeps control of the playback of multimedia content.
It also allows you to share YouTube with the television (a kind of Chromecast) and stream multimedia content (in the paid version). It is a perfect option to control our XBMC, and the proof of this is that in Google Play, it has a note of 4.9, which is not usually seen in many applications. If you use XBMC, either with or without Raspberry Pi, we recommend this application.

🏘 Commands and Status of Our Raspberry Pi 🐹🚛

If we want to see the status and remotely control our Raspberry Pi, we have two exciting applications. Both work by executing commands on our device through an SSH connection.
The first is the RasPi Check. This application gives us useful information such as temperature, free memory and storage, and workload. It is helpful information got through various commands in the terminal, but that RasPi Check provides us in a straightforward visual way.
The second application is Pi Basic Controller, developed by a Spaniard. This application allows us to execute remote commands on our Raspberry Pi. It is effortless, all it does is connect remotely and complete an order.
If we enjoy messing around, we can generate scripts and use this application to run them remotely. By default, there are a few commands to shut down, restart, kill the XBMC process, etc.
But the substantial power is the possibility of creating our commands and, in a single press, makes a program run on our Raspberry Pi. It costs a cheap price, and we think it would have greater acceptance if it were with advertising, since it is still in development and is a minority.

🧢 Controlling Transmission 🍮🗂

The most popular torrent client for Linux and, therefore, for Raspberry Pi is Transmission. It is a service that runs on our device, and then to control it, we can use a web interface or an application (for example, there is an interface in XBMC). Some applications act as an interface for Android, and we think that Remote Transmission is the best.
It allows adding new torrents (either by file or by magnetic link), starts the download, pauses it, stops it, etc. Everything that the torrent client allows but from our Android terminal. It also allows us to connect to several Transmission clients, making remote management very comfortable.
The perfect complement for this application is Pirate Bay Browser, which allows us to browse the most downloaded Torrents, apart from the always useful search function. In a single click, it opens Transmission Control with the added magnetic link. Searching for torrents and downloading them has never been easier!

🙁➖ Technical Data

🙁➖ Technical Data - legacy unlocker for yatse
The Legacy Unlocker for Yatse is a virtual remote control for XBMC, available for Android devices with version 2.2 and up. It is developed by the independent programmer Tolriq and is available for free download without banner ads on Google Play.
It is then available to purchase at all online platforms. The app is an Unlocker that will make the users possible to use alternative themes. The application has a relatively small capacity of about 5.35 MB.
Once installation and first start-up are completed, we will need several additional MBs for the thumbnail cache, fanart, poster, etc. The application is partially translated into other languages. Some specialized parts in English, unfortunately, cannot be translated and remain.

Initial Configuration 🏛⛹

Initial Configuration 🏛⛹ - legacy unlocker for yatse
If Zeroconf, an Apple’s Bonjour-based simplified configuration service, has been enabled on your XBMC machine, Yatse configuration and pairing will be a breeze. The app will scan your network automatically for XBMC instances. And you have to check the data and enter any password. It is a step ahead of the official remote control.

🎍🏟 🏵♟ Graphics and Interface

🎍🏟 🏵♟ Graphics and Interface - legacy unlocker for yatse
From our perspective, The Legacy Unlocker for Yatse records an unequivocal victory over the official remote control. Even if at absolute levels, the app still works efficiently and offers optimal results.
We have a more modern and clean look, well-designed icons, and a more dynamic and practical layout, which takes advantage of the sideswipes. The app’s actual remote control function is also pleasant, organized rationally, and intelligently with few buttons that are all useful and non-superfluous.

😒🚬 Functions

🌞🌅 Home Page

The home page of Legacy Unlocker for Yatse is very similar to that of the official XBMC remote. It links to explore our library and to access the remote control and virtual keyboard. Compared to the original, we do not have the power menu nor the now playing screen.
It already includes the remote control layout. The second will be called up automatically during playback. There is a link to the settings. Even if it appears on unsettled screens, we could hide it. It is not immediately clear, but the page is scrollable with the button to buy the full version that remains fixed. Keep this in mind as pressing the Menu key on your device will not affect.
As you can see on the screen when connecting, a small blue vertical bar is visible at the screen’s left edge next to the TV Programs button. It shows the active page that we will reach by swiping, starting from the screen’s right edge. It is an efficient, convenient, and effective solution. And the main page is always just one swipe away from wherever we are in the app.

Library 🔁🧡

The library is well-organized and visually pleasing, especially if you arrange the grid elements by preferences. And with the full list view, you will have more technical information to the detriment of the aesthetic effect. You always have fair use of the facing page layout by swiping left and right.
You will find some additional groupings, although not as many as in the official remote control. For example, there are many groups to select for TV series, while for the films, there are only two groups.
The grouping function is excellent. Besides, in the Collections category, the films are grouped according to the series – for example, the Indiana Jones series, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Star Wars, etc.
To start playback, press the Play button on the toolbar at the bottom of the content detail screen. A simple notification will appear on the main page, and it will change the layout of the remote to make room for the playback controls.
With only a simple swipe, we will access the Now Playing screen. The screen contains the display of the playbill/poster and the convenient seek bar to flash in the file. Also, there are the playback controls and two useful buttons for a quick change of language and subtitles.

🌉 Lock Screen 🥂🔉

The functions to make the app more convenient to reach are exciting and innovative. First, if logging in the foreground, it can bypass the system lock screen. As soon as it turns the display on, the remote control will be immediately present.
And then the widgets offer various sizes to be placed wherever we want on our home screen. We have remote controls, information panels, two small switches for activating notifications, and switching media centers.

💦 Options and Customization ⛓🎋

The menu of preferences from Legacy Unlocker for Yatse is organized rationally. Initially, it may be unclear because of the sections with a single submenu. We cannot define it as a particular item.
Between the library, advanced settings (cache), and aesthetic/functional tweaks, you will configure the remote control in the smallest details. Perhaps, for some reviews, it may seem too much. HTPC setups are not solutions for casual users. The advanced user wants to hack for optimal functions, and Yatse does not disappoint them.
Additional Components
Google Play offers four interesting add-ons for Yatse. They are all free, developed by Tolriq:

  • Call Plugin notifies the XBMC of incoming calls. Behavior, such as pause or automatic mute, can also be configured. It is a handy and spectacular feature that you cannot miss.
  • SMS Plugin notifies SMS. It is too bad that, by now, this protocol is in decline. It would be much more convenient to receive emails, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  • And this is where Notification Plugin comes in. You can choose which app or any app installed on your device to send you notifications on the TV. And the list also includes instant messengers and email clients.
  • Through Queue Plugin, you can add videos from YouTube, or the phone browser, to the XBMC playback queue.

💭🗻 Performance and Stability 💖🌥

One of the most problematic aspects of the official XBMC remote control is its low reliability. There are shutdowns, lag in commands, and some abnormal behavior that makes using it frustrating and annoying.
At Legacy Unlocker for Yatse, the situation is much better. Lag or unregistered pressure phenomena are rare. And it is less frequent in automatically shutting down than we do with our Trust wireless keyboard. The application is also perfect. It is stable, fluid, and responsive, even on an outdated device like our Nexus S.

🚱🆑 Chromecast 🚺🍂 and Other DLNA devices

Using the button in the shape of Cast at the top of the app, we will send the content playing on any other configured DLNA device, including the Chromecast. All compatible devices will be scanned and added via this screen, choose any content on Kodi.
The only clarification is that Kodi does not support transcoding of contents, so the compatibility of connected DLNA devices must be total to play all the contents. For example, in the case of the Chromecast, we will have to use only MP4 video files.

🐫💜 Conclusions

Legacy Unlocker for Yatse APK is an excellent alternative to the official XBMC remote. It is not perfect, but much better than other options. The graphics are more modern and enjoyable, and the performance is much more reliable.
All features maintain the set of comfortable and spectacular features and possibilities that make this category of applications so tasty. However, we hope that the development of the app does not stop there. Mostly, in terms of graphics, layout, and design, it remains the feeling that there is still a lot of room for improvement.
Anyway, Legacy Unlocker for Yatse APK is passed with flying colors. For us, it’s the best XBMC dedicated remote available for Android.

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