Free AnTuTu Benchmark 9.1.7 APK For Android download

By | October 19, 2022

This post is about AnTuTu Benchmark 9.1.7 APK For Android and new very exciting featured MOD infor like below the post.
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AnTuTu Benchmark 9.1.7 APK For Android

Name AnTuTu Benchmark
Category Apps
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MOD Feature infor:

AnTuTu Benchmark is a performance tester Tool for mobile devices. This app provides full hardware testing, accurate performance, and expertise testing. This app gets removed from Google Play Store and if you want to test the performance of your mobile then you can download the app from GameKillerMods
In the UX test (user experience), CPU, GPU, Memory (memory and storage), we understand all the correct expressions about performance, help you better understand your iOS device, give you the largest IT industry digital information, take you away from the annoying details and pursue the clear steps of the realm of science and technology.
AnTuTu is suitable for the following people:
Ordinary consumers need to check the authenticity of new devices.
Geek players who pursue performance and pay attention to real data.
AnTuTu could be yours:
1. Check running points: Open a new era of mobile phone points.
[Mobile phone number] Judge mobile performance.
[Storage test] Check the actual read and write speed of the storage device.
[Screen test] Support screen tests such as bad points, color bars, grayscales, multi-touch, control areas, etc.
[Network speed rating] One-speed measurement, showing data such as upload, download, delay, packet loss, and traffic usage in detail.
2. Interactive information: create more content with users.
[Mobile phone test] Answers from mobile phone users to help you understand the real reputation of mobile phones.
[Standard] Staffing list, Important for purchasing a new mobile phone.
[Information] The information is sufficient and all user feedback is realistic.

AnTuTu Benchmark 9.1.7 APK For Android app mods for free download:


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