Fully 100% sucessfully reset ink chip of HP 103A

By | December 15, 2021

How to reset ink chip counter HP 103A printer?

Your HP 103A printer ‘s ink chip is out of counters, it is locked and can not do work of printing?
Do not worry about this problem, below is a detailed guide on how to unlock the HP 103A printer ink chip, to make the HP 103A printer can work on printing forever without using the printer chip anymore.

HP 103A printer does not print

– HP 103A printer cannot print, annouce errors with blinking red lights, warning out of ink and request to replace new ink cartridge?
Just do follow a few simple steps below, we can permanently eraser/delete the HP 103A printer ink chip counter and fix the error on the HP 103A printer.

How to get the SERIAL number, version, crum number of the HP 103A printer before resetting the ink chip:

– – PRESS and HOLD the X (Cancel button) until the POWER light blink 3 times will print the firmware version.
PRESS and HOLD the X (Cancel button) until the POWER light blinks 6 times and the HP 103A printer will print out the CRUM Number ….

Download softwares to check the HP 103A printer SERIAL number and CRUM number:

– Download UVCVIEW software to check printer SERIAL number: UVCVIEW Free Download
– Download software to check Firmware Version + CRUM number: Check Firmware Version Crum

What benefits when permanently Reset HP 103A printer?

– Permanently eraser/delete the HP 103A printer ink chip with 100% successfully and let your printer remove the “Very low toner stop” error.
– Solution to fix the HP 103A printer that failed to print, make the HP 103A printer permanently continue the printing process without the need of printer ink chips anymore.
– After resetting the HP 103A printer chip, you never need to use the ink chip again, feel free to print, when the ink runs out, just to refill the ink to continue the printing process.
– After resetting the HP 103A printer chip, you can install and connect it on any computer without fear the error of chip lock error anymore.

Instructions for resetting the HP 103Aprinter ink chip cartridges

STEP 1. Turn off the HP 103A printer.
STEP 2. Connect your HP 103A printer to the computer using the USB cable.
STEP 3. HOLD the X button (before turning on the POWER).
=> Then, PRESS and HOLD the POWER button (currently is HOLD both X and POWER buttons).
=> When all the lights of buttons light up (ink, exclamation, wifi, POWER) Release your hand.
STEP 4. Extract the downloaded file of HP 103A printer reset software.
STEP 5. Drag the Fix…hd.fls file and drop it into the usbprns2.exe file reset ink chip HP 103A printer

reset ink chip HP 103A printer

STEP 6. When black window revokes on your desktop monitor, it runs with many black dots and then disappears (just about 10 seconds).
STEP 7. Wait for 3-5 minutes, the printer will automatically restart, after restarting, all other lights will turn off (only the ink lamp remains).
STEP 8. Place a test print order => the printer prints 1 copy, the ink light error will disappear
=> complete the process of permanently resetting the HP 103A printer

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Group people using the permanently reset HP 103A printer: https://zalo.me/g/ydffvv380

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