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– Almost no modern organization will work effectively without office equipment as a set of office technology equipment. With the help of office equipment, various documentation is replicated, copied, informational or advertising materials are created, etc.
– Unfortunately, like any other equipment, office equipment also fails due to various reasons. In addition, it requires constant maintenance.
– Considering the above, the owners of office equipment are forced to resort to the help of specialists. As such, contact us at ZETASOFTS.COM.

Primary occupation

about printer
ZETASOFTS.COM – repair and maintenance of printers and multifunctional devices (MFPs) from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as other office equipment of almost any complexity.
– The ZETASOFTS company has been operating in the service market relatively recently. However, during the work, ZETASOFTS.COM has established itself from the best sides because we guarantee:
– the quality of the goods and services provided;
– work for the result, and not for its own sake;
– the central reference point is the trouble-free long-term operation of equipment;
– prices commensurate with the quality;
– Individual approach to each client;

Service and repair of office equipment

– Produced in the shortest possible time due to our warehouse of components and the introduction of advanced technologies. For the repair of office equipment, we use both original and third-party spare parts, which allows us to achieve the best price/quality ratio.
– ZETASOFTS is a reliable supplier of spare parts, assemblies and other components and software for printing equipment. In addition, our craftsmen provide exclusive services for the modernization of printers and MFPs.
– Today, thanks to the rapidly developing Internet network, the provision of online services is becoming more and more in demand and popular among our clients. Our company ZETASOFTS is actively developing this market segment as well.
– The main clients of our company are organizations and services specializing in the repair and maintenance of printing equipment, as well as individuals – owners of printers, multifunctional devices (MFPs), copiers, scanners, and other equipment.
– Efficiency, quality of goods and services, and a loyal pricing policy made it possible to create an extensive client base, which included domestic and foreign companies and individuals.
– Working with us, you can ensure the accuracy of order execution, high quality of service and goods.

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